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We manufacture highly customized rubber products to satisfy any clients’ requirements.

Lavorazione Gomma Effegomma
Manufacturing  and sale of rubber and rubber bonded to metal technical items.

We are very skillful in technical rubber molding, both small and large production series. We take care of our clients from the design, up to the finished article.

Professionalism, competence and flexibility, in addition to a thorough knowledge about vulcanization of rubber and rubber bonded to metal, allow us to provide highly customized products: a single piece as well as tens of thousands of pieces

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Vulcovir, antibacterial rubber

Vulcovir is a antiviral and antibacterial rubber which neutralize pathogens on surfaces without external cleaning intervention.

It's meant to coat objects and furnishings in very crowded places.

Discover Vulcovir

Very high quality items

We select and aggregated different materials according to our customers needs: as coefficients of friction, chemical resistance, abrasion, UV rays and much more.

Very long experience applied to a wide range of articles, even for minimum sized items

Rubber, polyurethane, silicone, EPDM, NBR wheels

Effegomma rubber wheels are one of our main production.
Both in terms of types and quantity. We produce over 30,000 wheels per month.

Vacuum cups for swimming pools and Suction cups for different application areas.

Effegomma manufactures several types of suction cups and various types of suction cups in a variety of materials, such as EPDM, NBR and VMQ (silicone), depending on the final use.

Vulcanized and rubber fitted ring roller

Roller are made of different materials, as brass, aluminum, iron, core. They can be coated with any rubber type available in the market, according to customers’ needs, mostly depending on roller application.

Rubber fitted ring roller are generally large sized: diameters included between 42mm and 90mm, lengths ranging from 600 mm up to 2000mm. They find applications in handling, dragging and calibrating machine sectors.

PU Mill

PU mill items are quite an innovation in our production capabilities. This unique compound looks like a solid rubber, and it’s not made for casting. Hence we can handle it much better even with tricky item’s design. It joins together the best of polyurethane: great abrasion resistant, with the best of rubber: great friction.

Due to this unique property we suggest to use it in any application where it is mandatory the abrasion resistance and the friction as well: e.g. for moving marble sheets or glass sheets.

Special items

Special product and accessory categories collect all those rubber articles presenting unique and highly customized features.

Rubber dusts

Effegomma is very sensitive about the environment “wellness”! We recover our wastes, such as micro dust coming from any grinding operation and we recycle them by selling to any company which can use them.

Accurate Production

From the very first to the last step we take care of every detail, we use innovative techniques for either production or control.

We plan the exact delivery date to respond promptly to our customers' requests.

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vulcanization of rubber

Effegomma Items
are not part of any standard catalogue

Any product is fully customised according to customers’ requirements.
The images on this website are provided for illustrative purposes.